Shutter Cables for the Fuji X-Pro1

Top: Photo Plus 40cm Cable. Bottom: The Nikon AR-3.

This short review (rant) is by way of frustration in that there is very little on the net about the X-Pro1 and the use of cables for long exposure (Bulb) shooting let alone what to buy; what fits and what doesn't; what's good and what's bad; so this is my experience of the hunt for a decent cable for the X-Pro.

The Gods at Fujifilm didn't see fit to endow the incredible X-Pro1 with the guts to accept an electronic shutter release cable and I'm hoping the replacement for the camera will be fully ensconced in the 21st century with the ability to fire the shutter electronically but in the mean time.....

If you type "shutter cable for X-Pro1" into Dr Google invariably you will be met with a couple of brief lines picked up from dPreview and fujiseries which really don't answer much if you really are in the dark and are looking for an operational bit of kit to simply hold the shutter of your camera open for a determinate time. 

Under the search term "shutter cable for X-Pro1" you will then be met with the Amazoniebay selling a veritable plethora of cables which seem to fit just about anything with a threaded shutter button. Not really a big surprise because the thread of said shutter buttons of the past where in the main, a standard size, so just about anything would have done the trick. In the case of the "retro" designed X-Pro1 this "one size fits all" philosophy of the past has been authentically maintained therefore theoretically any analog wire would work right? Wrong!

The generic cables with the "fits anything" label are for the most part (and I'm speaking from experience) made of inferior materials and there's a good chance you will end up "threading" your shutters cable input threads. Some of them are actually so bad that after two uses the cable sticks so badly you might be forgiven for thinking somebody with a grudge had superglued the inside of your cable. They are that bad.

To cut to the chase (since you probably don't have time to get to my conclusions on the subject) my advise is to stay completely and absolutely away from any of the $7.00 or  £5.00 offerings from the likes of  Amazoniebay; they are simply a waste of time and money.

Do however invest in the beautifully made and completely fit for purpose Nikon (that's right: Nikon) AR-3. Which will not only fit like a glove to your beloved Fuji X-Pro1 but will not strip it's threads on the way back out after usage.
It will also work even when the cable is curved and will not need to be held spirit level straight to operate. It's more expensive at about $15.00 or  £20 but that's the price of things that work.

I know: the picture above makes the cheapo (with it's impressive syringe finger grip) look like it's the real deal right? Nope: it's complete rubbish. So there you have it. Go order your Nikon AR-3. I'm in the UK so I got mine from WexPhotography  If your in the USA you may consider  it more convenient to purchase from B&H

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